Tattoo Training


Course duration 1 month


This course is for the one who already is a tattoo artist. We have advanced level of professional tattoo training course.

This course includes:

  • Portrait Sketch
  • How to choose the right reference pictures of high contrast to do the tattoo
  • Processing of the picture using Photoshop, right contrast & light effect selection
  • Normal portrait sketch & Hyperrealism portrait sketch
  • Complete stencil making process
  • Study of tattoo like placement & anatomy
  • Color mixing – black & grey soft shading, Mukesh Waghela Technique
  • Machine Knowledge
  • Needle Knowledge
  • Tattoo aftercare

Beginning to end tattoo process guidance by Mukesh Waghela

Training sessions will be conducted by Mukesh Waghela the owner of Moksha Tattoo Studio.

After completing these trainings, the student gets to do 4 portrait tattoos on practice skin & 2 real portrait tattoos on human skin.

On completion of the course, the student will be certified, grading from (A, B, C) as per the students performance, which is signed by Mukesh Waghela.

Students with A grade, can also work for Moksha Tattoo Studio on 2 years agreement, as full time professional artists.

Payment System:

Rupees- 10,000 for seat booking after confirming the dates.

Course fee Rupees- 80,000/-

If one time payment, we offer you a price of 75,000/-

Student can also pay 50,000/- admission fee followed by 30,000/- after the course, making a total of 80,000/-.


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