Full time Artist

Hello!  My name is Kate Perets 
 From childhood I have been doing drawing with the creation of interesting things.  From 2001 to 2009, I went to an art school in my small, cozy hometown in southern Russia, but when I turned 15 I decided to change everything dramatically and discover a big world!  I packed my suitcase and left alone for St. Petersburg to study.  There were almost no chances to get into a good educational institution without money and on a free basis.  The level of training was not sufficient and young age was the reason.  But luck loves the brave!  And I tried, did my best and could do it for free!  I hardly slept to keep up with the program, it was very difficult to study, it was the best college in Russia, it was also difficult to live without parents.  But I coped with all the difficulties and even found a job, and in 2013 I graduated from college with a Red Diploma.  Everyone was proud of me, but I understood that this was only the beginning of my journey, a small step.  Then I entered the best pedagogical university in Russia and realized that I needed something more, development as an artist, I tried to understand how I can realize myself as an artist.  I thought about a tattoo and after a few days I started studying at a tattoo school.  It was very difficult to overcome the barrier and hurt someone, as well as drawing a tattoo machine is very different from drawing on paper.  I had to change everything, everything was different.  But I tried very hard and my teacher noticed this and wanted to take me as a professional artist.  My happiness knew no bounds!  But again, this was only the beginning, of a difficult path.  Constant search for answers, thirst for knowledge, courses, seminars, webinars.  My head became a tattoo industry information bank. I felt like a sponge!  I continue to learn every day, try something new.  A few months ago I moved to India, and I am delighted with this country, this is an amazing place!  I met the team of Moksha Tattoo Studio and my wonderful boss, I adore these guys!  every day we learn something from each other. 
Now I prefer to work in the style of realism and lettering.  But I can realize any idea of the client in the best possible way.  If you want everyone to envy your tattoo, it’s time to book my appointment !)
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